Camp life (part 1/2)

This will be an attempt to explain the ins and outs of what it is like to live in the bush at a remote camp. I’ll run you through a typical day of a bush pilot at Remote Africa Safaris, although I must admit that no two days are ever the same as it is a very dynamic job and destinations, flight times, people, weather and plenty of other factors change constantly. Continue reading “Camp life (part 1/2)”

Knowledge and experience is key to being a proficient bush pilot

I’d like to share a couple of hands-on techniques which I hope pilots will think about and benefit from if they haven’t come across them yet. As far as possible I will keep it simple enough for the layman to understand, but sometimes there is no substitute for going into the finer details.

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Expect the unexpected…

You will not have the faintest idea of what the day might bring you when you’re working so far from civilization. This is what makes the African continent intriguing and full of adventure! The problems we encounter here would be strange and bewildering for anyone who lived their whole life in a wealthy and well established first world country. I suppose we find their problems just as perplexing and sometimes ridiculous such as the rail companies in Japan apologising for departing 20 seconds too early. Man will always find something to complain about I suppose. Friday 8th of June…

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A South African’s perspective on Zambians

One thing that I’ve noticed is that the working class is definitely more personal. The reasons I would attribute this to is that the income disparity is not as severe as in SA. The materialistic nature of wealthy individuals is definitely far and few between and not a daily sighting. Sometimes you see the odd 7 series BMW or something similar, and just wonder what an idiot he/she is, to go for such a car with these terrible roads! The GDP per capita is less than a third compared to SA. South Africa is ranked 7th and Zambia 21st out of African countries.

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