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Photos of my journey: Adobe stock

Patreon: PilotWhite

If you enjoy my photo’s and would like high-resolution images on Namibian/Zambian scenery or the Cessna 210, please feel free to contact me and I will gladly email them for a donation.

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One thought on “Contact

  • Hi!
    Excellent blog you’ve made!
    The pictures are great, indeed, but what I like most is your writing.
    I’d like you to read an old aviators book.
    He was from Argentina, and his name was Vicente Bonvissuto.
    The book’s name is “Fumigando “.
    I consider it a masterpiece in Aviation Literature.
    The book is dedicated to his son…
    I don’t think it’s translated to English…but hey, since I’m a commercial pilot too, I believe it would be a pleasure to meet and translate it live at the moment!
    That already said, yes, I’m looking for job.
    I’m also “tecnico aeronautico” (that’s aircraft mechanic), so, you see, I love flying and aircrafts.
    Keep the good spirit up, and thanks!
    Franco Hintze


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